Ruti's Mediterranean Menu


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Fried Green Olives

Description: coated with breadcrumbs, flash-fried, tzatziki and harissa

Price: $8


Description: sdsadsa

Price: $8

Grape Leaves

Description: stuffed with pine nuts topped with harrisa

Price: $9

Humus with Pine Nuts

Description: Mashed chickpeas and tahini with toasted pine nuts, za'atar and sumac

Price: $10

Main Course

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Whole Grain Farro Pasta

Description: Zucchini, broccoli rabe, leeks, fresh basil pesto, olive oil, grated halloumi cheese, toasted walnuts and toasted garlic

Price: $18

Paella Carne

Description: Short-grain rice, slow-roasted local Duroc pork, Goffle Farm Halal chicken thigh confit, red pepper-saffron sofrito, chorizo, green peas, harissa aioli, parsley leaves

Price: $21


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Honey and Tahini Ganache

Description: with roasted sesame seeds, dark chocolate, and pomegranate syrup

Price: $9

Apricot & Honey Baklava

Description: with orange-cardamom syrup and toasted pistachios

Price: $7